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Jul 29, 2009

"Heirloom Party"
Ricordi e Tesori= Memories and Treasure

I knew this was going to bring back memories, and a little bit of pain and tears but I had fun bringing everything out, and taking photos. This first photo is my Mamma's vanity set given to her on her wedding day 1961. I was not allowed to go in her room much because I would not put everything back in the right order. She still has a Venitian style dresser, shiny black where this set was always laying. I would sneak in and play with it....I was pretty sure to put everything back. When I got married she had it packed for me.
Sapevo che questo articolo mi avrebbe portato tanti ricordi, un po' di dolore e lacrime ma mi sono divertita a riscoprire tutto, e fare foto. La prima foto รจ un set della pettiniera della Mamma regalato per il suo matrimonio. La Mamma non era tanto contenta quando andavo in camera sua perche' non rimettevo le cose a posto. Quando mi sono sposata gia' era impacchettato per me.
My Papa', a man of few words and few material gifts. My best friend, when I would get in trouble just one look from my Papa' was enough. I turned one and he gave me my first doll, how many years ago? 41 she still looks great.
Mio Papa', un uomo di poche parole e tanti ricordi in regalo. Il mio migliore amico, quando combinavo un guaio, uno sguardo di Papa' era abbastanza. Quando ho fatto un'anno mi ha regalato la prima bambola, quanti anni fa'?

Nonna Angelina. I would go visit her and first thing I would do is give her a kiss and run to her bedroom, always discovering something new on her dresser. So much to favorite was and is this jewerly box given to her by the Baroness Bordonaro. Well many years later after my wedding she handed the box to me. I will treasure it forever. Last year we went back to Sicily and I found this statue dated on the bottom 1895 "l'Immacolata" laying in a box. The key actually she gave it to my Deano, it was from her old front door and she knew how much Dean loved keys. Ogni volta che andavo a trovare la nonna Angelina, le davo un bacio e correvo nella sua camera da letto, sempre scoprendo cose nuove sulla sua pettiniera. Tanto da porta gioie regalato alla nonna dalla Baronessa Bordonaro una delle mie cose favorite. Alcuni anni dopo, dopo il mio matrimonio la nonna l'ha dato a me. L'anno scorso siamo tornati in Sicilia e ho trovato questa statuetta con data 1895 "Immacolata" in uno scatolo di scarpe. La chiave l'ha regalata a Deano, Deano e' sempre affascinato dalle nostre chiavi . Sara' un' altra storia da raccontare (ricorda Francesca?)

Nonna Maria. I don't think she gave me these things personally, my Mamma gave them to me later on. The egg shaped a yarn holder, it opens and keeps your yarn from tangling and just a single string comes out from a small hole. I have her gold reading glasses, and her powder tin full of bottons. She would sit every afternoon in her bedroom near her balcony window and crochet for hours. I would sit across from her not for long because I loved to run around her huge house and she would tell me story of World War II.

Nonna Maria. Non penso che mi ha dato queste cose personalmente, la Mamma me le ha regalate dopo. Questo porta gomitoli, interessante aiuta a non fare imbrogliare il filo. Ho gli occhiali della nonna e il porta cipria pieno dei suoi bottoni. Si sedeva ogni pomeriggio nella camera da letto vicino alla finestra/porta e lavorava all'uncinetto per ore. Mi sedevo di fronte a lei solo per pochi minuti perche' mi piaceva girare per la casa, e mi raccontava storie della seconda Guerra Mondiale.

Well, grazie Marie for this wonderfull idea, I also think I never had the time or opportunity to put all these Heirlooms and Memories together.


p.s Mamma cerca di non correggere troppo, Baci


  1. What beautiful treasures! This is such a great way to get to know fellow bloggers.:)
    thank you for sharing!

  2. You are so sweet Rita. These treasures have such wonderful memories attached. It is interesting that your nonna shared WWII stories with you. I have always had a fascination with WWII and imagine your stories would have such an unique difference, being based on the experiences of Italy during that time. Would love to hear these stories also one day. x Julie

  3. Rita.... I love your story of the doll and your love 4 your Dad :) so very sweet. You are a great Daughter, Wife, Mother and Friend.


  4. Hi dear RIta,
    This post touched me so much. I loved hearing about the wonderful women in your life and the treasures that they have given you to enjoy in your life. Think of the many happy hours they enjoyed them and now these are yours to love. So cool.

  5. Hello Rita - thank you for joining the party! What a beautiful way of sharing stories you have. I was touched by the photos of such sweet things. I'm so happy that you have them now to enjoy. The hair brush set and bottles are so precious. And your dolly from your Papa is adorable.


  6. What a wonderful post. you have some true family treasures here. The vanity set, the jewelery box, the little doll and the eye glasses. I loved seeing them all and hearing the stories behind them. Thank you very much for sharing. Have a beautiful Friday, it was a pleasure to visit here.

    Sares @ Loveleigh Treasures

  7. i can only imagine what memories these treasures must stir in wonderful that you have them :)

  8. Dear Rita, your treasures really moved me! All these wonderful things from Sicily and from your family that I know you miss so much! My favorite may be your little doll given to you by your father. Priceless and so sweet!

    Have a wonderful day, Rita. Miss you.

  9. Rita,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful heirlooms, as well as your family memories. That jewelry box is amazing, and that little doll is so precious!


  10. I understand getting teary eyed over your treasures. I do that too.
    All of them are so beautiful, especially that vanity set :)


  11. How special for you to share your story. How wonderful to see all your treasures. They are so precious. Thank you for sharing your story and your special heirloom treasures. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Isn't it funny how treasures can bring back such fond memories? I love all your treasures - so sweet.

  13. I am enjoying seeing everyone's heirlooms and the stories that go along with them.

  14. Beautiful Rita,
    Grazi for sharing such precious stories of your dear family.
    You are a jewel.

  15. Dear Rita ... I have not had 'blogging time' these last couple weeks I just got to look at your heirlooms ... They are all so sweet and I love all the stories that you wrote about them .. I know how much you treasure your things .. they are all wonderful.
    Hugz and love ...Tia Betty

  16. Oh Rita, I think this post is the most beautiful one I have read on any blog I have looked at, it so reminds me of my love for my mother, and grandmothers and great~grandmothers who are all gone now, but always in my heart...I love to see cherished heirlooms like yours and know how much they mean to you... I will visit you often!

  17. Wow Rita....
    Thank you for this post.
    So beautiful, so meaningful.
    I've been somewhat upset lately.......
    I read this post and was sent back to my own memories.
    The post about your father..... so sweet.
    you know.....
    the last time I sat on my Father's lap....
    It was after school, my daddy had come home early..... I had planted a tree in a small cup for was a "Father's Day" gift.
    My Daddy said to me while putting me on his lap...."Oh Debbie Doo, some day we I will swing on a hamick from this tree, and rock my Grand children to sleep".....
    That was on Friday....on Sunday evening, Fathers Day, my Daddy was killed in a plane crash. That was 1973.
    We do cherish our memories from our parents, and forever these precious thoughts will be ingrained in our minds.
    Thank you for reminding me of my past happiness.


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