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May 20, 2010

22 Maggio
Santa Rita da Cascia

May 22nd will be my Name Day = Onomastico

Santa Rita is the Saint of the Impossible. One of the reason I was named after her is that there were complications at my birth and my Papa' decided to pray to Santa Rita without knowing that my Nonna in another room was doing the same. Well , everything turned out just fine and my family decided to call me Rita. I used to go to church on this day and there was always a basket of red roses close to her statue and the priest would benedict each rose and I would take one home. I loved to celebrate my Onomastico when I was back home. My favorite treat from my Mamma was " Omeletti in Brodo" = Crepe in chicken broth........Ahhhh? It's a special recipe just for me. May 22nd it's also the day that Dean and I bought our first home the house we leave in....18years ago.
On Santa Rita's day I will be at Glitterfest and I know she will keep me company.

Ciao for now Rita


  1. Yay for St. daughter took her MCAT's today in hopes of getting in medical school which she feels is nearly impossible, so I am going to invoke the name of St. Rita with this special intention. Thanks for shaing!

  2. What a lovely way to receive your name Rita. I think May 22 is a lucky day for you!
    Have a wonderful weekend. And enjoy the day!

  3. Hello. I am thankful to St.Rita coz she helped me and heard my prayers. My mother gave me my second name Rita, as she made a promise with St. Rita. She forgot what the promise was, but she did remember that St.Rita helped her.

    When I got pregnant, I had a lot of complications and impossible situations. I was living in a muslim country and I got pregnant when I wasn't even married and my bf left me. If I got caught, I would have been thrown in prison for adultery. I prayed to St. Rita to help me, to give me courage and to hide my pregnancy until I flew back home in my country. Everything went safe and I got so devoted to St. Rita. I gave my child her second name Rita as well and when she grows up, I will ask her to keep on giving the name Rita as generation, from one person to the other. Thank you St. Rita. I will always be devoted to you. Pls trust in her and pray to her, and she will help you and grant you what's best for you.


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