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Mar 9, 2011

This post is going to summarize my last 5 days. Wonderful, Happy, Rewarding 5 days. We will go from newest to oldest.

This is Milo

Sunday Hendrickson and Manhattan Sunday's daughter came to Rainbow Tuesday to do some scouting. We had such a great time together and by the end of the day we not only became good friends but we share Milo too. After saying our goodbyes Sunday and Manhattan were driving to another location, Laguna Beach and that's about an hour away from us. They left and I set at my chair and chatted with friends for about 30mins. Wandering where all my dogs were I called their names....the only one not answering was Milo. We searched everywhere, my voice started to tremble, called the microchip company and the only thing they told me to do was WAIT!. Drove down the hill calling his name, no luck. The phone rings, it's Sunday. I don't want to worry her so I just make conversations and she says "Guess what? Guess who just woke up from a nap in the back seat?"
"MILO!". I was happy and crying at the same time. Drove to Laguna Beach and picked him up at Mrs Karen Ewart's house. She loved Milo, fed him and made him very comfortable.

It's was so cool to see Sunday and Manhattan at work. Sunday is an amazing photographer and stylist. We were not planning to get to the workshop since I had shoved all my pieces in it after the show. Well, she loved it and climbed over furniture and did her magic.

Friday and Saturday it was Chateau de Fleurs, an amazing show I must say.
Some people ask me how can you sell at Chateau and not come back home with treasures? I did this time. Some I purchased, some where gifted to me.

This suitcase I purchased from Jamie, Two Wild Roses.
Callie's new sleeping area.

I purchased the tea pot on a stand from Amber,
The Black Rooster Cottage. I am ready to decorate in the garden

Amber also made us head rest for my eventually slipped covered chairs. I don't like the color of the chairs, I NEED slipcovers, but will have to wait. Amber did a fantastic job, RE is for KING and REGINA is for QUEEN.

Principessa aka Lisa Loria never leaves Chateau without giving me a gift. She hand painted this sign and I loved it from the first time I saw it at her house.

Mrs. Clause aka Lori Martin, the giver of all, the kindest and happier camper ever gave me all her potted plants! My home and garden look like Spring has just arrived.

I received a plum tree from Carmen, one of my customers, so SWEET of her.
And I purchased this incredible hand painted bucket from Eloise, The Junk Fairy. Love it!

Tulips from Sunday H.

Ok so this post should take care of everything for now, never got a chance to do a slideshow of Chateau, my photobucket is not working . Seriously only 2 weeks left before Glitterfest and I am moving my cot in the workshop.
Ciao for now

Note: Any miss spelling or any imperfection on the way I write are due to English been my second language. You are very welcome to laugh


  1. I Love you my friend!
    What a whirlwind...glad Milo was safe.
    He is sooo cute!

  2. What a cutie pie, little Milo! So darling are these pictures!

  3. What a Happy story and ending for little Milo! Glad he's all safe and well! Loved the show!

  4. What a panice with Milo! I would've had a heart attack! I love your imperfections! karen....

  5. So glad little Milo was okay. My heart started to drop as I began reading your post. I have a real soft spot for all our little "furry friends"! I also LOVED all the pictures you shared. What a great group of people to work with!

    Take care, Sue

  6. Rita
    You are such a wonderful friend and you make me laugh. Every time I read your posts I smile, I can hear your voice in my head with your amazing Italian accent! You will always be Mammabelicious!

  7. Rita: I am not laughing at your writing it is charming not funny :}

    I did laugh, however, at Milo hitching a ride to Laguna. He does know how to live it up doesn't he?

    Can't wait to see what you make for Glitterfest.

    hugs, jackie

  8. So glad you found Milo!
    Yes~~~~ it does sounds like an amazing last week for you:))

    Love the suitcase as a doggie bed :)) Adorable!

    Kay Ellen

  9. What a relief about Milo...but I don't hear any metion of my sweet loving big ol chocolate lab! Give him kisses for me!

  10. Oh Rita! I can't believe Milo did that! Glad he only took a temporaty road trip! Your pictures are amazing! Can't wait to see them in print! ;) Sharon's right... I also hear your accent in your posts and it makes me smile too!

    xo, A


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