"There is a certain majesty in simplicity which is far above all the quaintness of wit". Alexander Pope



May 20, 2013

Dream small Dreams

I am starting to feel overwhelmed with how much has happened already and how much will be happening in the next couple of months. It's a good thing and I am not going to complain but I feel I need to clone another little me. 
I am a wife, a mother, the housekeeper and the cook, a friend......the chicken keeper.......and I love every minute of it but sometimes we do get overwhelmed and that is when I just drop what I am doing and take a walk in the yard. 

Slowly I have been loading the trailer for the next event and the other evening I was getting ready to put this pink chair in the trailer and stopped for a second....I looked at the sun and it was just perfect...perfect time for a photo. I get so excited! Ran in the house, got the camera and Voila'! This photo gave me peace....

More decisions where made yesterday....since Raffaele is graduating this year from high school, him and I will be taking a little trip back to Sicily to visit La Nonna. We are both excited and nervous, just the two of us!
So after purchasing the tickets I had to take another walk, ;)
This time I took the camera with me to take few pictures of the Geranium in the yard. I love Geranium and I was told that they are called The Rose of the Poor. Here are few of my favorite Geranium and one of my favorite rose in absolute Rosa Ballerina. 

I ended my Sunday with creating another Hardware Necklace. I made all the jump rings and hammer them flat.
 I loved this process.


Dream small Dreams. If you make them too big, you get overwhelmed and don't do anything. If you make small goals and accomplish them, it gives you the confidence to go on to higher goals. (John H. Johnson)

Ciao for now



  1. Hi Rita, sometimes the process of the walk helps put your heart and thoughts in order....I told my hubby that sewing and just working with fabric helps calm me and put my thoughts in is soothing. Sounds like a lovely trip...just what you need. Our daughter just graduated...I felt so proud and so relieved! Hahaha....
    Enjoy your time with your young man. These days are precious.

  2. Ah Rita .. You and Rafaelle are going to have a wonderful time together in Sicily .. It's so amazing to see both boys graduated and becoming such good Men !

    Your new Hardware Necklaces are just beautiful I'm sure there won't be any left at the next Market !

    Can't wait to see you all !

    Hugs ..Sara

  3. Beautiful pictures my friend! Now that I've been to your house, and can see and imagine how peaceful your walks must be. Its nice to escape from time to time and let nature just air out our brains and head!! I love to take a quick drive to the beach and go for a walk. I get so busy, I don't balance those "walks" as much as I should. Have a great week. . .

    Take care,

  4. This is such an inspiring post, adore it. Thank you for sharing, your words touched my heart. Your images are so amazing.

  5. Gorgeous photo of your roses in the sunset. It's easy to be overwhelmed when you are getting ready for such a big event and your wonderful trip, but just take one day at a time and notice the small things because they sometimes are the most important, like gazing at the sunset and your beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing them with all of us as well.

  6. Bellissima! Enjoy your trip to Sicily! Looking forward to attending a future class!

  7. Oh what a gorgeous picture! You will have a great time in Sicily with your son. I saw Maggies soldering creations and you ladies were so lucky to be able to take that class, looking at your gorgeous jewelery it will be a wonderful addition! Good luck at your show, so fun ,but so much work....Take a deep breath and walk in your gorgeous garden!


  8. Rita queste foto sono bellissime e trasmettono anche a me un bel senso di pace! Luce meravigliosa.
    Ma allora se venite in Italia posso ordinarti quei famosi charms (bubbles?) che tanto mi piacciono? Dai!!
    ps io comunque qualche pizzo lo raccolgo... si sa mai... =)
    Un abbraccio

  9. Your photos are so, so beautiful...I can only imagine the ones you will take in Sicily. I am so excited for the two of you to travel together and for you to return home. Enjoy the moments and memories...see you soon!


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