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Jan 14, 2010

My Day.....

My Day....La mia giornata
before I can create, my day has a few up and downs....meaning walking up and down the hills! lol
this could be boring for some of you and interesting for others. I decided to take the camera along for the ride.

"La cucina"


Cleaned the stove while waiting for the Espresso machine to worm up!

My Sweetest shadow ever is Benny.....

I finally figure out that he sits in my chair so I will remember to give him is cookie.

Feed the fishes.
For every animal that we rescue there is a story.
The story goes that we had 2 turtles and you feed them live gold fish. The turtles died and we were left we 3 gold fish and now there are 10!

Humming bird food? Check...

Roosty, out!
We rescued Roosty from been eaten by a raccoon. He is missing one eye because of it and has been rejected by the other chickens. He is my other shadow.


Feed Roosty

What a beautiful day in Rainbow.....

Feed the rest of the chickens... down down

back up, up.....

finally I am in my little world........
what's the plan? too many things to finish, let see if I can do it in one day.

3 signs almost done

the plan is also to solder today

2 birdhouses are finished

priced the silver German glass glitter and mica

I think I know what to do with this piece of metal,I will share in another post.

price the signs

back outside...this is my favorite geranium. Have you ever seen something so beautiful?
My mamma always said that geraniums are
"the rose of the poor"

so grateful my dogs have a good life!
Laying in the sun all day long.

Time for some gardening, 5 mins max!
took the basil out of the bathtub and planted some chard...the parsley is doing really well too.


tomato, cucumber and onion salad. Am I on a diet? no, it's just so Delizioso and fresh.

time to get the mail...this is my only exercise 300 feet

years ago my neighbor ask permission to put a sign on our tree, sure! Now...., the way I read/translate the meaning of the sign is: that the kids have some problems, they are slow? Just my translation from the Italian to English.

What about slow down, children are crossing? playing?

going up, up.....

My boys playground
a tire swing
and a eucalyptus tree

this eucalyptus tree split and fell in January of 1991,and the boys love to climb on.

up the hill... more exercise?lol

back in the workshop...starting to solder

almost forgot, I need another caffe'

birdhouse ready

beautiful Rainbow, California!
time to think of dinner....

and here he is again,
time for bed Roosty.

La Fine = The End

my day
Ciao for now

my work HERE
soldering classes schedule HERE


  1. Just got home from drinks with a friend in Old Towne Seal Beach. I LOVE the photos, I want to come visit. I like that your dogs are such different sizes and you live in "wide open spaces". How awesome is that? I own the "square" my house sits on. Not nearly as exciting! Thanks for the pix's Rita, loved them all!
    Take care, Sue

  2. Wow, Rita, you do a ton in one day! Loved seeing your day through the camera.


  3. Hey Rita
    Enjoyed 'A Day In The Life'!! Had to laugh about the fish vs turtles.. Go Fish!! haha and that sign for SLOW children.. i would read it the same way!! Have a great weekend xx Julie

  4. Oh you are so funny with the dogs and the rooster. Your day was fun. It felt like I was there with you. You are on busy lady!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Hi Rita,
    Ooohh this was soo fun, and I EvEn feel like I worked right along side of you .. My day is just starting, and I've done soo much .. hahaha .. You have a beuatiful day, and have fun creating ... sounds like were gonna get alot of rain soon .. yikes ~
    hugs to you

  6. wow, I'm pooped from following you around all day. You get a lot done in a day. I loved feeding the chickens and the fish and playing with the sweet pups. All those projects you are working on are so pretty and I wish I could have been more help, but I just had to have my nap. lol
    I adore my new necklace!!!!!!

  7. Hi Rita ..Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ..I loved all your pictures and I love Rainbow's so beautiful down there. I think your translation of the children being slow being a problem is most correct ..I have always thought those signs quite funny ..LOL !!!

    Have a Beautiful Day !!

    Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  8. LOVE it Rita. What a beautiful life and home you have. I can't wait to visit The Read B&B again. Love you and have a beautiful Wednesday!

  9. Hello Rita!

    Thanks for the visit! This post is fun and sure was a full~filled day for you! I LOVE your darling stove to pieces! Look at all those burners girl! What year is it?

    When is the next Barn Sell? I must go! Your artwork is so pretty!


  10. What a great post Miss Rrrrita! ... I loved every step you took ... and I have to say it was especially special for me since I've had the pleasure of staying in you little piece of the world ...It really looks beautiful! .. I think we should all carry a camera for the day ... as for me, it would be pix of me coming and going to Grandma Queta's house
    Big Hugz ..Tia Betty


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