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Aug 18, 2010

Alan is back!

Two months in Sicily.

I am so happy to having back, but as usual the trip to LAX airport is a nightmare. 2 hours to get there.....park, remember where I parked. Wait and wait and wait, it took an hour for Alan to make it out of custom. And guess what? His suitcase is still in Rome. The who ever is in charge told him that his suitcase will ARRIVE tomorrow between 8pm and midnight. But where? We waited, asked, and walked from one office to another......They are so rude, I am sorry but they are and nobody would give us an answer. Well another hour goes by and these two guys come to the baggage claim area and confirm that the lagguage will be DELIVERED tomorrow. Where? Directly to the house....Thank you. Back in traffic, we are finally home. I love to travel and go back home but you know how many times I say I will never fly ALITALIA, too many. I took both of the boys home to Sicily when Raffaele was 6 months old and Alan 2 years old. 4 months earlier we made reservations and of course you can reserve a crib. Well, we get on the plane and there is no crib. Can you imagine 18 hours flight with a baby on your arms, you can't relax or sleep. I was so afraid of dropping him. They apologized and gave me a bottle of Champagne. Guess what I said, just guess....Had a great summer in Sicily.... Time to go home....the plane has to land in Milano, some problems with the plane. Oh please, stop, fix it, will wait. 5 HOURS in a waiting room, not planning for 5 extra hours of milk and diapers and no stroller, because is on the plain. I begged for some milk, " No signora Reade e' tutto chiuso" ( No Mrs. Reade, everything is closed). Che cavolo!
Thank you for letting me vent, I am going to enjoy my son, now. Seriously I think I am done with ALITALIA airlines. Ciao for now Rita


  1. Oh My Rita ..sounds like you had a Good Day ..Alan coming home and a Bad day ..the airport ...a Love hate situation ..LOL !!

    Glad Alan is home safely and back with his mama and papa !!!

    P.S. the Fan Page looks wonderful !!!


  2. This day was like being in labor, it's miserable going through it but when it's all over you get to enjoy your precious baby!

    So enjoy now!!!

  3. Love the story of when Alan was baby and you traveling....probably pretty typical .....glad I didn't have to live thru it but makes a good story.....NOW (you can laugh NOW). ha ha ha

    Let's wait and see if they "really" deliver the suitcase. :}

  4. Oh no...your blood pressure must have gone sky high! At least he is home and they will deliver the bag. What a handsome young man!

  5. Hooray! Alan looks older...LOL!
    I am sure you are content to have all of your chickies back in their safe coop!
    Can't wait to see you in 2 days!!!!

  6. Welcome back, Alan!
    Now, Rita...why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about Alitalia???? LOL!!!!


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