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Aug 10, 2010

Happy White Wednesday!
" Gratitude is not the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others" (Cicero)

I do love going to and read the quote of the day. This one is for today and yes I am really grateful in so many levels.
I am grateful for the place where I live.

morning fog, very peaceful

I am grateful for my chickens, lol
I am trying to figure out how Cuddle gets out. We have 12 chickens and she always managing to get out, goes for her walk to the grape vine has breakfast and goes back in.

I am grateful for my hobby it's a job that helps pay the bills.

Day one on making 2 birdhouses

starting to work on a sign order

I am grateful for these wonderful ladies giving me gifts to recycle and reuse.

The price tags are from Mrs. Claus, that's what Christie calls Lori Martin. I should have shown you the before tags, nice and white. I had some pink dye left that I mixed with water and soak the tags then I soaked them in a bath of coffee.

Dyanna Cooley my rosary chain suppliers is my bead giver. Thank you Dyanna also for all the wonderful ideas. These beads will be used for Glitterfest.

Christie gave me the most beautiful frame that will be transformed into a table top. Grazie

and I received these letter long time ago from Linda from The Ivy Nest. I just found them and need to figure out what to do with them.

Lisa Loria and I were talking on how to better organize our wrapping area during a sale. Just say the word and you will be heard by Abbey and Sara from Sweet Magnolia's Farm. They can find anything for you if they don't already have it. They brought me the stand and a suitcase. The suitcase was blue and the stand honey color. Of course everything has to be painted white. Eventually I would like to decoupage the suitcase. Thank you Abbey and Sara

Happy White Wednesday, and I am grateful........
don't forget to stop by Kathleen's blog for more WW
Ciao for now, back to work


  1. Girl, you got all the right friends in the right places! Gratitude is one of my favorite words!!

    Take care, Sue

  2. You sure have the best friends!!!...but that's because you are a sweetie!!

  3. Love your post and the suitcase for your sale items is one great idea. Beautiful blog!
    Hugs- Tete

  4. I love the white stand and suitcase...lovely. I just heard there is another Glitterfest in October. I will definitely make that one, can't wait.

  5. What wonderful whites and a wonderful quote to share with us also!!

    I have become so much more aware as we do the work here in SE Co just how much I have to be grateful for! I'm blessed beyond measure for sure!

    bee blessed

  6. Ah, it was heaven sent that I see this post tonight. I am using a vintage suitcase as a media center and needed an idea for the stand, the old suitcase luggage rack is perfect!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration

  7. Love your suitcase idea and all your goodies! Happy WW

  8. How Beautiful ~ Bird houses to Pearls....

  9. What a great and practical idea for the suitcase! I had the same thing in brown, I carried and displayed my handbags in it at the flea market and after years of using it that way I finally decided to sell it to a very young girl who insisted on buying from me. Now that I see how you're using it, I think I'm having SELLERS REMORSE. LOL
    Not to worry, I have another one in off white that I store my knitting supplies in. I guess I'll just have to REPURPOSE that little beauty!

    BTW can you tell me where I can find the material they used for straps on the stand?


  10. This is wonderful. The fog is beautiful isn't it. I love your craft and how you've shown your gratitude throughout this post. The suitcase is a brilliant idea!
    God Bless,

  11. What a wonderful idea making that frame into a table. I know it will be beautiful. I love the suitcase too. ~~Sherry~~

  12. Oooooh, I can't wait to see your new BIRDhouses! All of your new inspirations are awesome!!!! Very "crafty" friends you have :)

  13. Oh My Rita ..what a Great Post ..I'm so loving the Fog ....we had another beautiful foggy morning here today I Only hope they last.

    I love all your wood letters, beads and all your work in progress...

    The suitcase and stand are looking Beautiful !!!

    Have a Lovely day ...Sara

  14. Rita all your WW things are so lovely. I love the suitcase and stand idea. I've got a lovely camel colored one in my space, I might have to pull it!

    I can't wait to see how the signs turn out and what you end up doing with those letters!



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