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Aug 11, 2010

300th post!

300th Post Giveaway!
you know what to do....leave a comment and I will pick the winner August 22nd.
Broken China charm will be my gift to you.

"Pasta alla Norma"

did I ever tell you that in my next life I will have my own cooking show? Not the usual cooking show. We all think we know about cultures.....Italian are born cooks, Spanish only have spicy foods, French make baguettes, American have cheese burgers. Not true.....
I can't speak for other cultures but my show would be about debating what's true and not true about Italian food, of course my way. When I first came in the States Dean and I leaved in my mother-in-law's house, first chore for me was to cook. I never cooked in my entire life! They would all leave for work and I would try to figure out what to make for dinner. I loved the red and white recipe book that Pat (Dean's mom) had on the shelf. What is the name? Can't I would try one recipe a day. Horrible food but they never said a thing, they were polite or afraid. One of the two.
One secret about me....I can't eat at Italian restaurants. I would complain the entire time." The spelling is wrong, you don't put ricotta on lasagnas, we don't use all that garlic, we don't have bread sticks and meatballs are served separate from your spaghetti that are not called noddles!"

Dean and I love vintage bathtubs and we have a few. For mother's day as a gift I was supposed to have on of them moved from the pool area up to the house to have an English Garden. That didn't happen. Father's day comes and what do I find on the back of the house, THE BATH TUB! full of veggie. Yes I was upset, why not, I don't get my English Garden and he gets his veggies.

(One of my stepping stones holds the tub in place.) Well, the more I look at the veggie the more I see that every single vegetable is going to be perfect for my favorite dish.

"Pasta alla Norma"

check this site for the recipe
Pasta alla Norma is a Sicilian recipe. It was named after a Sicilian composer Bellini's opera Norma. To honor both the dish and the opera.

Pomodori e Basilico = Tomatoes and Basil

and the only thing missing to complete the recipe is ricotta.

I love to cook! And my favorite thing is to mix and match, Italian, Spanish, American....

Better start dinner, Buon Appetito
Ciao for now

P.S. did you see? this is my 300th post! what should we do? a giveaway? yes we should, a charm? please leave me a comment from now Wednesday August 11th until
August 22nd and mention the giveaway.


  1. The red and white check cookbook is Better homes and Gardens...the recipe looks sooo good! when are you having me over? Christie

  2. ...admiring your veggie tub o` plants! very clever ~ and I think I could eat a pasta dish everyday!!
    Many congrats to you on your 300th post.
    xo, Rosemary

  3. I LOVE the bathtub gardens. And your blog is making me hungry! I got home from work, and now am working at home. Time to eat. And your cute little shopping cart left Country Roads today courtesy of Christie!

    Take care, Sue

  4. Hey Rita I'm with Christie ..I'm ready for dinner too !! Lady you maka me laugh !!!

    Your so funny !!!

    Well I guess at least the bathtub is yielding some good eats ...

    Oh I like the idea of a giveaway we get a picture so we can post it on our blogs ???

    Sweet Dreams ..Sara

  5. Happy 300th! Would you believe I keep forgetting my camera at the shop..and it has all those lovely pictures of you on there! I promise to send them by the weekend!
    ps: I have not made lasagna in ages, but yes, I did use ricotta!

  6. Hi Rita

    PERFECTO all is so beautiful. I am hoping to make out to your show next month. Have a wonderful week!

    ciao bella


  7. Ciao bella. Congrats on your 300th post and please put me in your drawing and better yet...PICK ME! In my next life, I would be a rabid viewer of your cooking show. Those tomatoes in your garden scream sauce. Sea Witch

  8. COngrats on 300 posts! What an accomplishment...and I want to go make some good food right now!

  9. I'm not a fan of cooking but, I'm ready to watch your show!!! lol I'm very interested!!! Congrats on 300!!!

  10. I was thinking the cookbook is Betty Crocker?

    You are too funny re your story about cooking for Dean's family. :}

    I'll be at your house on the 22nd to pick up my charm .....well, I'll be making a bling baby but she might need a charm!

  11. congratulations on your 300th post!!Love your veggie pics. and the old tub is awesome!! Would love to be entered in your giveaway and would sooooo love to win that sweet charm!!Thanks for the chance!

  12. Rita if you get your cooking show in your next life, I will be a devoted fan of it! I imagine you cook up some wonderful things now. I love the tub filled with vegies. So cute.
    I can imagine what preasure it would have been cooking for Dean's family. Yikes, I can't even imagine having to cook for my in laws. I would be so nervous.
    I love the beautiful charm you have created for your awesome giveaway!!!!
    hugs to you from here Rita sweet.

  13. I'm back. You probebly didn't even realize I was gone. I don't know what happened but I lost ya. Italian is my favorite food. Some day I might get to go there. Oh how I wish I could tast your favorite dish. I abosolutely love the veggy bath. Your so awesome. And, yes, I want to win your give-a-way.

    come visit

    I also have a blog called todoslosninos but come to stitches-n-stuff.

    Big Hugs

  14. Beautiful necklace! And I love the idea of using an old bathtub as a planter! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and inspiration!

    Tracey Ireland

  15. Hi Rita!
    Happy 300th post! e would love to win this lovely broken china charm necklace!
    Hugs! karen....

  16. Rita, congrats on your 300th post and I'd love to come eat at YOUR restaurant! "Ciao Rita!"!! And I'd love to be entered for your beautiful necklace, the china heart is just so precious!!
    love it!

  17. Congratulations Rita on your 300th post!!! Would love to be the lucky winner of your beautiful necklace. xo

  18. Hi Rita,

    How sweet of you to think of a giveaway on your 300th blog! You give so generously of yourself & your talent every time you write. I am constantly learning & entertained. Thank you.

    Warmest Wishes,


  19. Hi Rita...I found your blog through Christies Blog you both are very talented artists... Congrats on your 300th post... and yes..please enter me in the drawing for your sweet giveaway. Thankyou for inspiring us all with your beautiful creations. Blessings to you, Shannon


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